#007 : See the difference

Some of Shadowpuma's real life ShadowPix featured from the Shadowpuma website.
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#007 : See the difference

Post by Shadowpuma » Thu Dec 08, 2005 12:22 pm

Click here to show the ShadowPix #007

These two monitors I've chosen are superb.

20" Monitor
http://www.ebuyer.com/customer/products ... _uid=91494

17" Monitor
http://www.ebuyer.com/customer/products ... _uid=88928

Here is a quick mini review for both of them.

Formac Gallery Xtreme 2010 20.1" TFT 12ms 700:1 (1600x1200) (DVI) Monitor
I pulled this out of the box, unwrapped the well packaged unit and placed it on the desk. It is large and very very shiney. With only 3 buttons on the front (power, brightness up and bightness down) there isn't very much you can do with it. Upon connecting it up (very easy) and pressing the power button, the stylish blue glow made me aware it was on. Powering up the pc made the display come alive. Once booted up the resolution was changed to it's native 1600x1200 and everything became like crystal. A perfect display without having to amend anything.
The only downside to this monitor, which is a very tiny minor flaw in the design, it doesn't stand upright. The stand at the back has been designed so the screen rests on it, rather than support the screen. To make it a better viewing angle I put 2 cd cases under the back stand to make it more comfortable.
But apart from that it's great. Even has 2 USB ports at the back to save me having to kill myself stretching to connect my digital camera to the back of the PC.
Anyone wanting a stylish TFT monitor that does a decent resolution of 1600x1200, this is for you.

Acer AL1722HS 17" TFT 8ms 700:1 (1280x1024) Analogue/DVI Multimedia Monitor
For the smaller resolution this TFT monitor is perfect. With a quick response time it can keep up with the fastest paced game. After running the Auto config the display was perfect. The screen even rotates round so you have have the display in landscape or portrait, with the assistance of the bundled software.

So for under £500 I have two super monitors that will hopefully last me into the next few years.

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