#020 : Playstation 3

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#020 : Playstation 3

Post by Shadowpuma » Wed Mar 28, 2007 9:17 am

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My Playstation 3 (also referred to as PS3) arrived at about 09:50 on Friday March 23rd 2007! The postman that delivered it had already been to a few other houses before mine, but he said that everyone that had opened the door had a massive smile on their face. Mine was no different.

All wrapped up in a brown box, it was hard to say at first what it was I had actually signed for. So I opened the box to find exactly what I was expecting ... A PS3, a game, and an HDMI cable.

Opening up the PS3 box was great. Getting new stuff always is. Inside was the PS3 machine along with the new SIXAXIS controller, USB cable for the controller, AV cables to connect it to the TV, a plug cable, an ethernet cable, and of course the all important instructions / quick reference guide. Removing the protective covering from the PS3 machine revealed a nice shiney new box of magic. Shiney and curvey, and weighing a ton! I couldn't believe just how heavy the thing was. I had heard people say about it being a lot bigger than a PS2, but to me it wasn't much bigger. The weight was the main difference.

So with everything setup and connected to my HDTV through the 5.1 surround system, it was time to turn it on and see what awaited me. A beep to acknowledge I had pressed the on button was first, then the new sound that will become the recognised tones of starting the machine up came from my surround sound speakers. A picture revealed itself ... great clarity and quality!

So with the Sony PS3 menu system looking very similar to the PSP menu system, it was quite easy to find my way around the system settings to check everything was set right, then it was onto the System Update. With the Ethernet cable plugged into my network (there is also the option to setup wireless networking too!) the System Update took a matter of minutes. With the update complete I was able to register my PS3 online and then check out the Online Store. There were a mixture of trailers, demos and actual games available. The trailers and demos were all free to download to the local hard disk, and the game updates were free also, and then there were the games which you could pay to download. Each costing between £3 and £5 GBP. Not a bad deal since playing the demos gave you an idea of how each one played. Lemmings! Lemmings was on there. A quick play saw that the gameplay was still as great as the classic, but the graphics and tunes had been updated and looked fantastic.

There are also a whole other array of features available with the PS3 but it was time to put in the games and play!

Resistance : Fall of Man
Putting the Blu Ray game disc into the drive made quite a clunky noise, it wasn't as smooth as I expected. But it was in there and playing just fine. The Playstation 3 logo screen came and went along with a swish of sound. The game into then loaded up. After watching the intro movies it was quickly into the game and running about with other soldiers shooting aliens and picking up weaponry. The gameplay appeared to reflect all other 1st Person Shooters, but the graphics and sound were what impressed the most. I'm not a real great fan of War type FPS games, but this one held my interest enough until I got my other game.

Genji - Days of the Blade
This game is my preffered out of the two I own. Samurai's, warrior Temple goddesses with rings on strings, and big chunky warriors with big clubs to smack down stone walls with! Great story, great graphics, loads of action packed battles, and skills required to navigate the various terrain. I can see myself playing this game quite a bit in the coming weeks.

So overall .... I am very impressed with the PS3 :D

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