#017 : Fireworks 2006

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#017 : Fireworks 2006

Post by Shadowpuma » Mon Nov 06, 2006 11:57 am

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November 5th is always a fun day. Celebrating the day Guy Fawks blew stuff up. Even if you don't go a firework display you can always look up into the sky and see colours and patterns light up the sky as explosions happen in the night.

This year I went to a firework display with a few friends, stood in the cold temperatures in the middle of a grassy field, looking up at the sky as fireworks shot up and exploded in an array of colours.

After the display we walked back to the car and headed off for a meal and a drink.

I hope everyone else had a pleasent evening the weekend of fireworks night. Remember to keep safe when around fireworks!

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