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#013 : Tarot Cards

Posted: Tue Jul 04, 2006 11:47 pm
by Shadowpuma
Recently I have started looking into the world of Tarot, the idea of asking a question and have a set of cards help someone to learn about themselves, their life, and possible choices makes me believe that just by spending a few moments of some ones time can help clarify any concerns they may be unsure of for the past present and future.

For those that are skeptical about how ones future is open and cannot be pre-destined, I don't think that is what Tarot is about. To me it is helping someone with a question come to some understanding in themselves of possible choices they can make and which one would be best for them.

I have so far practiced with three card spreads. A spread is the way the cards are laid out and each one has a specific meaning on where it is positioned.

The first was the 3 card spread, Past, Present and Future. As for any reading you first have to decide upon a question. Now the question also has to be phrased correctly so that you can get the most from the tarot reading. Asking a simple question like "Will I win the Lottery?" won't give much of a reading. Instead the meaning behind the question should be looked into and a rephrasing of the question can often help. For example what the question really should of been is "Will having more money than I do currently bring happiness?", or even "What will bring me and my close family and friends happiness?". Getting the right question is the key. But after you have your question, three cards are placed face down, one next to each other and going from left to right you have the past, present, and future. Based on what card is in what position will help interpret an answer to the sought after question.

I then tried another 3 card spread, this time to help with a general decision. Should I continue doing something the way I do it, or change and perhaps look for a different way? The cards are placed in a triangular position, one at the top and two at the bottom. The card at the top helps to clarify the dilemma or question, and the two at the bottom are linked in with the decisions, Choice A and Choice B. Again these are not set decisions that you have to follow, they are a guide to help you make up your own mind. Perhaps give a thought as to what it is you really want yet didn't know.

And then there is the latest spread, what is called the Daily Spread. Cards laid out in a cross pattern, each one representing part of the day and how you interact with it. With this type of scenario you don't necessarily need a question other than something along the lines of "How will my day turn out?"


This is the result of my reading, now let me explain.
Let me number the card positions to help with the explanation.
The far left card is number 1 (Works, things to accomplish).
The far right card is number 2 (Home, things relating to the home life).
The top card is number 3 (Unexpected, surprises and unexpected things).
The bottom card is number 4 (Your Role, Mood, actions, reactions to things and people through the day).
The centre card is number 5 (Outcome, what lesson will be learnt from the days events).

Works - Five of Pentacles
This card shows a man and woman stood in front of a stained glass window, the woman holds a tired and hungry child in her arms and has a hand held out wanting something. Now my interpretation of this card and how it relates to my current working situation is that I am currently very busy and under a lot of pressure to get things done. I am therefore in need of some help. This card symbolises that regardless of my surroundings, if I am in need of help then I should ask for it. I need to learn what resources I have available and then use them.

Home - Ace of Pentacles
This card pictures a well made Pentacle with a weasel underneath meaning resources, skill and determination. This got interpreted that I have resources at home that I don't have elsewhere that can be used with my skills and determination to get tasks completed. Not necessarily relating to the work aspect, but there are certainly things I need to get done at home that only I can do with the resources I have.

Unexpected - Five of Wands
The Five of Wands card show five men, each holding their own wand, in competition with each other. Each man has their own wills and abilities, but by sparring together they learn their own strengths and weaknesses whilst assisting their companions. This therefore means that I can help myself by helping others. Something unexpected is sure to arrive, and instead of just dismissing it, I should take the challenge and help only if to find my own abilities.

Your Role - The Star
This Major Arcana card represents faith and the unity of thought and spirit. Even though the woman is pouring away the contents of her pitchers, the faith is there that they will be filled again. Therefore even with a lot of pressure for me to get things done both in and out of the workplace, I should not lose faith and continue knowing that there will be a refreshing renewed faith at the end of it all.

Outcome - King of Wands
The King of Wands Court card sees a strong willed man sat upon his throne gazing at his flame-tipped wand. Mesmerised by the wand he has excluded all else around him. So an interpretation of being focused, determined and driven will result in a favourable outcome. However there is the matter of being too focused that social needs will be endangered and a bossy and intolerable attitude may come across to others. The King card also has the representation of the person being mature and expressive, well organised and controls matters sometimes with an expense of their own personal matters.

And that was the reading of the cards themselves, but looking at them as a whole, mainly pentacles and wands meaning Earth and Fire elements, a down to earth practical person that is passionate and energetic.

Now from that reading I am certainly clearer on where I am at the present, and what things I should think about during my daily routines of unexpected happenings to reach a successful outcome.

I can really see myself enjoying learning so much more about the Tarot and helping others clear things up in their own minds :)

Posted: Wed Jul 05, 2006 10:35 pm
by dosi
See what EQ does for you , i wonder if you had started a ranger in stead of a wizard if you would have thought about the cards :)

All kidding aside. Great post, Ive always wondered about the art of
Tarot cards. Please post some more info as you get deeper into it


Posted: Mon Nov 06, 2006 8:44 pm
by bratte
This is a terrific thread! Thanks Puma!
I've played with Runes & look forward to my journeys in learning more of Tarot! I'm glad I found this...

Posted: Fri Nov 10, 2006 12:24 am
by Shadowpuma
I haven't done so much Tarot recently. The last few times was at work for a few people. Some really enjoyed it whilst others took it with a joking attitude. But most of what the cards came up with I would have agreed with, for example my boss having too much on and should take a short resting time to reflect on where he is actually going with things!

I just find it inspiring sometimes to just look at the cards and wonder off into thoughts of my own :roll:

Posted: Thu Nov 16, 2006 7:33 am
by willow
The strange thing is .. I collect Tarrot Cards and infact any playing cards especially foriegn cards. I don't know why I do it.. I guess it makes me one of the odd one's that likes collecting beer bottle lablels and beer mats and strange glass bottles. I really do like collecting cards of all descriptions. These cards pictured here by the way are very beautiful. Are they yours? If so where did you get them?

I can't read the cards myself but I used to work for a Count and Countess once in London many years ago and they used to have many parties. Michael Bentine was one of the guests. His son had died and he wanted to 'connect up' with him. He was a famous English comedian for those who didn't know of him. Then there was Pete Murry who was a famous DJ. There were more but my memory grows thin. I got to meet many of them including the very famous medium clairvoyant Dorris Collins who was hosting the event.
Growing up in London was fun. I got to meet loads of famous people. Dudley Moore and Peter Cook.. I used to go to the disco with Graham Chapman who was one of the Monty Python team until he died. I met Julian Pettifer quite a few times at a friends house we used to go to often in Chelsea. He was and still is I believe a very good and quite famous reporter. Dusty Springfield famous singer...and I met Sandie Shaw who was a very famous singer who sang without shoes on! She was married to a famous designer called Jeff Banks who I also know.

Loads and loads of people. People famous and infamous! LOL

Ahh memory lane!

London was fun! A great place to grow up for me! :lol:


Tarot Cards

Posted: Thu May 24, 2007 12:12 am
by bratte
with upcoming travel to Denmark/Sweden in October w/Dosi; I'm curious if anyone knows where I might look for a place to purchase Tarot Cards from while I'm visiting. ideas welcome :)

maybe Flums & I can go wandering.. i do not know if this store i found from online search is still there, but we' can see on exploration

Häxans Hus. ... Häxans hus Holistisk/andlig grupp ... plats Stockholm. Adress:. Bjurholmsgatan 13 Stockholm.

Posted: Thu May 24, 2007 8:23 am
by Logian
Sounds spooky!

Posted: Thu May 24, 2007 8:43 am
by Shadowpuma
Whilst in Venice I saw a shop window with loads of Tarot Cards and Playing Cards, all nicely done, some in the old style, and some in nice fancy designs.
But I guess them being in Venice doesn't help much :)

Posted: Thu May 24, 2007 1:49 pm
by bratte
Nein, be much easier to reach if they were in Kopvnhagn or Stockholm.. :) I can wait to see how they (the cards) will come to me. thinking that they'd be a nice item to purchase on my visit besides shoes.

will you be coming Shadow?

Logi!! silly, they are not at all scary

Posted: Fri May 25, 2007 2:37 pm
by Shadowpuma
Are shoes like a shopping necessity for women? I know 5 girls that went to New York for a weekend and came back with 14 pairs of shoes between them :shock:

I would love to come to all these events but have yet to confirm what I'm doing yet. At the moment it looks like a possibilty I'll be in Nottingham, but will still need to find out more on the other places. Also depends whether the girlfriend is coming also.

Let hope you get some cards calling out to you. I still love mine.

Posted: Sat May 26, 2007 10:22 am
by Logian
Leave the girl at home! You need no girl to come cuddle with me!