sk in raids

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sk in raids

Post by Zark » Fri Jun 19, 2009 5:14 am

1. mana regen
PRIME_BBCODE_SPOILER_SHOW PRIME_BBCODE_SPOILER: Stacking Bites (1 minute recast timer)
Bite of chaos AA (65):
DD -300 hp
G + 300hp
G +110M

Ancient Bite of Muram Lvl(70, 343M)
DD -375 hp
G + 375hp
G +135M

Laarthik's Bite rk2 (Lvl82, 442M):
DD -506hp
G +507hp
G +254M
These sum up for the group to 499 mana/1182 hp per minute (50 mana/tick).

2. group heals (melee)
sk epic has the (5 minutes reclick) effect Lich Sting. Lasts 1 minute. Group effect ist:
Increase Accuracy by 40%
50% Lifetap from Weapon Damage

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