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Want to join the Sceptered Isle guild within Vanguard? This section is for you. Read within to find out what it is you need to supply in your post.

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Read This Before Posting

Post by Logian » Thu Mar 06, 2008 11:40 am

Sceptered Isle

Sceptered Isle dates back to EverQuest and the Veeshan server.

Our player base in Vanguard is mostly European with a few night crawlers from overseas in the ranks.

We are a casual guild who will be raiding as time and force permits. We will not push hard for content but when we do raid, we will require everyone to give 100%.

Who you are as a person is a lot more important then your class or level. Levels are easy enough to get, its harder to change who you are.

The rules

* Willing to help your guild mates

* Have fun

* Realize that Vanguard is just a game


Your name, both in game and in the outside world.

Class and level, all spheres

Do you know anyone in Sceptered Isle

Previous guilds, and why you left them

Tell us why Sceptered Isle would be the right guild for you and tell us more about yourself. This is the most important part, and will be what the officers look at most closely.

Write all of this in a new topic in this forum section.

If you have any questions feel free to hit up the guild recruiters in game or on the forums.
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