Happy Holidays from the Dev's incoming stuff

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Happy Holidays from the Dev's incoming stuff

Post by dosi » Mon Dec 07, 2009 10:43 pm

Silius Developer

Greetings all,

I just wanted to take the time to say that we all hope you have a happy holiday season and we are looking forward to another year of Vanguard. To celebrate this year we will be once again turning on the Festival of Gloriann content. We also took the time to write this story about the upcoming patch. So now please read and enjoy "A Telon Carol."

T'was the night before the festival and up in the sky,

Randolph was flying without batting an eye.

He has learned to store magic which is something new,

This will allow him to fly the entire year through.

Unfortunate however it may be,

He will have to fly slower to conserve energy.

In a fit of generosity Silius flew to Pantheon in no time flat,

To convince the vendors there is no need to charge plat.

Or gold for that matter because that is not nice,

So now the sigils have been reduced in price.

But this did not stop his generous actions,

For Silius figured what the heck lets up the gain of faction.

And so now adventurers can spend more time with their friends,

Knowing that the light at the end of faction's tunnel will quickly come to an end.

An oh I bet you thought he was through,

No no my friends there was one more thing to do.

After seeing the gripes and anger from the fans,

Silius decided to alter the drop plans.

So now all over the world you will see,

That spell components, and echoes will drop more frequently.

This he did with a grin before saying goodbye,

Jumping onto Randolph, and disappearing into the sky.

"Until next year I bid you good day,

And from the team here we wish you all a happy holiday."

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