Patch notes 10- 21- 09

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Patch notes 10- 21- 09

Post by dosi » Wed Oct 21, 2009 5:11 pm

Ikik Developer

All servers will be down for a patch at 5am tomorrow morning.

Estimated down time is 4hrs.


− Changed the way IoG raid loot drops work so that it’s much less likely you’ll see two of the same item on one kill.
− Fixed a bug that made hate numbers for abilities show up lower than they actually were.
− Modified the ability tooltip to show your base amounts and the actual amounts modified by your core statistics like Strength & Vitality. The number in the brackets shows the modified amount and will be green if you’re over the 100% mark or red if you’re below it.
− Escape and Feign Death now strip all harmful abilities you cast on targets when you use them.
− Fix for erratic flurry not being mitigated properly.
− Fixed warp to target abilities so they fail to cast if the location you would warp to is invalid. Previously they would cast but the effects would fail, now they’re not castable unless it will succeed.
− Increased base strikethrough Amount value to 30 from 0.


− Fixed a bug that caused rest exp to disappear if you mentor.
− Fix for a bug where the social server & world server could have the wrong level for a player if they level up while mentoring.
− Fixed a bug with mentoring where the combat forms would get out of sync and you couldn't switch correctly.
− Fix for not being able to use mounts when you mentor down.

Ranger Changes

- Rangers may now have both melee and ranged paths.
- Switching melee/ranged forms will unlock abilities designed for that form while locking ones designed for the other.
- Ranger offensive forms can now only be switched once every 2 minutes.
- Fixed an issue with Wave of Lightning damage not scaling properly.
- Fixed an issue with the discharge effect on Wave of Lightning not displaying its damage.
- Sweeping Strike has had its endurance cost reduced.
- Fixed an issue with the discharge effect on Discharging Arrow not displaying its damage.
- Regress has been increased to 35m.
- Talismans will no longer fade when energy has been depleted.
- Thorn Cloak will no longer fade when energy has been depleted.
- Fixed an issue with Monsoon Cloak not consuming energy while activated.
- Summer Cloak now adds dexterity with the strength buff.
- Monsoon Cloak now adds dexterity with the strength buff.
- A new ability called Warden’s Temper has been added to the trainers. This ability will max out your progressive form as well as give a 30 sec buff that increases accuracy, crit chance and strikethrough chance.
- Fixed an issue with Static Surge doing the incorrect damage for levels 10-45.
- Golden Berries was removed from the forage tables.
- Fletching combine outcomes have been increased from 50 to 100.
- Fletching assembly component stack sizes have been increased to 200.
- The following abilities should now state their damage types correctly:
o Blade of Storms
o Destructive Swarm
o Entangle
o Grasp of Earth
o Intercept
o Maelstrom
o Monsoon Cloak
o Shocking Arrow
o Static Surge
o Summer Cloak
o Swelter
o Wave of Lightning
o Winter Cloak

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