Patch notes 9-17 -09

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Patch notes 9-17 -09

Post by dosi » Thu Sep 17, 2009 4:57 pm

Ikik Developer


- Fix for the catalyst issues with crafting.


- Chaos players who completed the Heroes of the Past should now have access to the chamber sentry quest.

- Fixed issue with KDQ tasc generator item

- Fixed issue with Ataraxas crashing chunks

- Changed Initiate Nenlys loot table to always drop 1 crystal and 3 other items.

- The items "Chest Oil" and "Leg Cream" will now function again.


- Basic starter diplomacy clothes have been added to Diplomacy Trainers.

- Many Statement cards have had their names updated and display descriptions made easier to read.

- Additional civic reward Statement cards have been added.

PVP (Yeah that’s right a PVP section)

- Added a release to altar lockout of 5 minutes for PVP deaths. You can only release to altar every 5 minutes from pvp deaths.

Disciple Changes

- Inner Light has been fixed to work as an aura. Group members within 10m of the disciple will automatically get the damage buff as long as the disciple has Inner Light toggled on.

- Inner Light should now properly heal the groups life, energy and endurance on each attack the disciple makes.

- Feign Death refresh timer has been reduced from 60 seconds to 30 seconds.

- Paralyzing Sweep will now stop auto attack.

- Increased the damage on the Ra’Jin Flare line.

- Reduced the amount of Jin needed for Ra’Jin Flare II & III.

- Fixed the tooltip for Kiss of the Slug in the spellbook. It will now display the correct damage and strength amounts.

- Removed the Endowment of Balance secret chain. The effects from this endowment have been moved to both Celestial Tiger and Immortal Jade Dragon forms.

- Endowment of Mastery & Endowment of Enmity have had their durations increased from 10 minutes to 20 minutes.

- Increased the aggro reduction amount slightly on the Soul Cutter line.

- Increased the heal amount slightly on the Lao’Jin Flare line.

- Kiss of the Heaven range was increased to 30m.

- Reduced the amount of hate generated from Concordant Hand.

Necromancer Changes

- The following abilities no longer require an npc corpse to work:

o Plague Bringer's Ritual

o Ritual of the Guardian

o Ritual of the Servant

o Ritual of the Slayer

- Level 53+ necromancers may now have up to 3 minions.

- Minions will now last up to 24 hours. (Excludes Ritual Animatus)

- Minions have had their HP values doubled. (Excludes Ritual Animatus)

- Minions now have 75% aoe mitigation. (Excludes Ritual Animatus)

- A 6 slot bag designed to hold grafts only are now for sale on the necromancer instructors around the world. Additional bags have been added to the necropsy tables for every 10 levels.

- Increased the damage on the Bone Spike line.

- Reduced the initial delay on the DoT portion of Bone Rail to 2 seconds.

- Increased the damage slightly on the Drain Life line.

- The nuke portion of Death Touch has been removed.

- Death Touch now requires the npc to be below 10% health to work.

- Reduced the refresh timer on Death Touch to 3 minutes, from 30 minutes.

- Increased the return ratio on Life Draught to 75%.

- Necros now have both Lich and Wraith forms, and may switch between them. A form switch timer of 5 seconds has been added. The Guise of Mortality forms have been renamed to fit which form they represent. Switching forms will kill all your minions. Forms cannot be switched during combat.

- The necro form quests have been removed.

- The minion summon abilities have been added to the trainer.

- Removed the endurance costs from the forms.

- Ghastly Revenge and Necrotic Clutch are now openly available without flag restrictions. With this change, they will not stack with each other on the caster.

- Removed the levitation effect from the Wraith forms. In response, a new self levitation ability has been added to the trainer called Weight of the Ghost.

- Increased the duration on Ritual of Necropotence to 30 minutes, from 5 minutes.

- Poison Burst has been renamed to Noxious Malady.

- Noxious Malady (Poison Burst) will no longer be an aoe nuke. It now is a single target nuke with a 25 second debuff to accuracy, critical hit chance and spell mitigation at the highest level.

- Increased the duration on Devouring Shadows to 60 seconds, from 24 seconds.

- Increased the duration on Grasp of the Grave to 60 seconds, from 36 seconds.

- Increased the duration on Plague of Infestation to 60 seconds, from 24 seconds.

- Increased the duration on Torment to 60 seconds, from 32 seconds.

- Reduced the refresh timer on Sealed Fate to 30 seconds, from 3 minutes.

- Increased the HP on the abomination by a large amount.

- Necrotic Clutch now properly displays in the buffs window instead of debuffs.

- Ritual of the Slayer will now summon a caster version if you are in Wraith form.

- Increased the damage on the Slayer minions.

- Removed the wraith version Plague Bringer’s Ritual and added its summon to the lich version. When in wraith form, clicking it will summon the wraith version.

- Removed the lich version Ritual of the Servant and added its summon to the wraith version. When in lich form, clicking it will summon the lich version.

- Removed both Advocate’s Ritual spells.

- Vile Ritual will no longer attempt to give your abomination energy and will give it health instead.

- Vile Ritual cast time has been increased to 5 seconds.

- All necro pet heals now scale past level 50 up to level 55.

- Increased the healing amount on Blood Rite.

- The return effect on Rite of the Master has been reduced to 33%. This is due to the abominations health increased by a large amount.

- Increased the damage on Detonate Corpse.


- Fixed an issue with Heart of Blood Bonding not working for some attacks.

- Fixed the description for Heart of Blood Bonding to reveal that it only works on melee attacks. It has always worked this way.

- Skin of Zaygius now properly displays the double attacks.

- Claw of Chrykalis now clearly displays the riposte attack.

- Fixed a typo in Midrada's Vengeance.

- Midrada's Vengeance will now properly take away 25% of the abominations health.

- Increased the regeneration amount on the Heart of Fire line.


- Added a tooltip to the LockHotbars option

- Mentoring options are in the UI, but mentoring is NOT ENABLED on live servers yet. This will be enabled sometime soon with an announcement.


- Switched the paladin 15% damage bonus over to use the new wield type. When you equip a shield you will now see the buff appear, when you un-equip the shield, the buff will disappear. Paladins must visit a trainer and learn Guardians Might (Passive) to get their damage bonus.

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