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Quick update

Post by dosi » Wed Sep 02, 2009 12:19 pm

Silius Developer

Greetings Everyone,

It has been awhile since I have written a big update post as we really have not changed our stated direction and goals until recently. First I want to say the Vanguard development team is very pleased with how supportive and helpful our community can be. You have helped us resolve some serious issues the past few months and we are getting more and more excited as we near the completion of HOSS, AAs, and Pankor Zhi.

Unfortunately due to my past experience I have been asked to assist on another project for a short time. Because of my presence on the Vanguard team will be reduced significantly until my return later this year. After sitting down and evaluating what still needed to be done and my involvement in those things the team and I have decided to postpone HOSS, AAs, and Pankor Zhi until I return.

Please do not fret this is not a post indicating that there is something to worry about in regards to Vanguard's continued existence. I just happen to be one of a few candidates that can best help the company and as such have stepped up to the plate to give my assistance. During my reduced role Tiraslee will be sticking to our one class per week plan but instead of devoting only half a day per day he will be able to spend more time on each class since we are pushing HOSS back.

All in all I think this will turn out well as we will still be doing our special weekend events and with Thanksgiving and Halloween coming up the reappearance of our holiday events is pending. Another great thing about pushing things back is that Ikik has been given the time to put the finishing touches on our mentoring system which should be going into testing soon. From what he and I have talked about and worked out I think its implementation will go smoothly and open the door to the possibility of a sidekick (allowing a low level to increase his virtual level to match that of someone higher level) system in the future.

More details on the system will be revealed as it gets closer to completion and has gone through a round or two of testing. There are other things we will be looking into and continuing to do in the background. AA development will still move forward along with the creation of the UI element that you will interact with once it hits test. The continuation of the saga quests for diplomacy and crafting. Potentially the next chapter in Hilsbury, and of course bug fixing, bug fixing, and more bug fixing.

Hopefully we can squash more big issues and hopefully get some of the serious class problem resolved during my limited hiatus. Happy hunting and don't be afraid to PM me as I am still checking on things and making sure that things are moving forward.

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