Disciples and Server Performance <Updated >

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Disciples and Server Performance <Updated >

Post by dosi » Wed Aug 19, 2009 10:47 am

Apparently with the Lag/server Issuie's they have been doing on test recently they have pin-pointed an issues with disc/clr AE attack heals, but for the moment there looking into discussing how to fix the Disc AE attack heals, the link below is where the discussion is taking place. it will be a Major change in Disc class so join in the discussion or have a look at some of the idea's being thought about. all in all i think this is a good thing they the Dev's are asking for our input before the changes. Enjoy


http://forums.station.sony.com/vg/posts ... c_id=49972
Silius Developer

Our latest profiling of server performance has revealed multiple item and player abilities that are leading to some significant increases in server processing time. The most egregious of the player abilities is the Disciple buff series Inner Light. While I am going to spend some time thinking about it after Ikik and I looked at it there really is not much we can do to fix the performance problem and retain the feel of the ability.

What this means is that inner light will more than likely have to be changed. How much of a change I do not know at this time, but inner light is obviously an important buff for the disciple and to avoid a major class changing alteration I figured I would get some feedback on just how important the buff is and how changing it (essentially having to reduce the rate of the proc heal by a good 70-75%) would affect the daily play of disciples.
Silius Developer

Here is the basic gist of where we stand.

1. The static portions of the buff (dmg, endurance buffs) will become standard aura effects. Basically they are always on as long as inner light is up

Then one of 2 things:

a. We will reduce the proc rate and increase the direct heal amount.

b. Leave the 100% proc rate but make it so it can only proc once every 5 minutes applying a hot that lasts 5 minutes.

(There are some iterations of this option that I will detail out if this route is chosen)

I am going to think on this over the next day or so before coming to a decision and get it on test server for review. As always your suggestions are welcome so please continue to contribute ideas.

Thanks all.

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