Class discussion issues 8/19/09

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Class discussion issues 8/19/09

Post by dosi » Wed Aug 19, 2009 10:22 am

This is something nice , Silius is looking for our input on issues on each class. Hes not looking for input on how to fix it, hes just wants to know what issues you are having. Please post on the class discussion forums, this is where he will be looking for your info, there are already some threads started for each class.
Silius Developer

Hey all,

I just wanted to give you all a heads up that I am going t o start officially spending portions of my mornings making class/fixes adjustments. In order to do this effectively I will need a list of bugs or issues so that I can review them and make the changes I feel our needed. This will rely heavily on the community as each class is going to get a small window of time before I switch to the next.

Starting August 31st I am going to give each class a week where I will review a list of issues and make adjustments based on it. I am giving fair warning now so you guys can start collecting your lists and posting them. Please keep this to the class forums and keep the list to the point. Long opinionated posts on an issue will probably get skipped over as the time window is not large and I want to resolve as many problems as I can with the time given. Things like this needs to do more damage or similar issues will be left alone for the time being because damage adjustments take much more time to review then a week.

The order I will be doing this is as follows:

1. Disc

2. Necro

3. Monk

4. Pally

5. Rogue

6. Sorc

7. Ranger

8. Bloodmage

9. Psi

10. Druid

11. Shaman

12. Dreadknight

13. Bard

14. Cleric

15. Warrior
Silius Developer
Kedon@Halgar wrote:

Interesting stuff thanks for the info Sil. Will you be makin these class threads yourself or should each class just get one of their own going?

And HA! poor Warriors stuck at the bottom

I am counting on the community to get the lists for me.

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