Explanation of sorc changes

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Explanation of sorc changes

Post by dosi » Thu Aug 13, 2009 8:29 pm

Ikik Developer

Sorcerer DPS was too high.

This was largely because they could re-cast Falling Comet so often.

I've spoken with many 55 sorcerers and they all saw an adjustment to this spell coming, none of them were surprised.

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Ikik Developer

A few things led us to believe sorc dps was overpowered.

#1. Live DPS parses on the server showing sorc's doing signifigantly more dps than every other class, mostly due to comet.

#2. I play a sorcerer and realized comet was crazy, especially with the refresh haste buffs.

#3. Plenty of sorcerers have been asking if/when it was going to be adjusted because they all knew it was overpowered.

#4. Plenty of non-sorcerers have been asking why sorcs do 2x or more dps then them even when they're also casters or light fighters.

As far as other changes for the sorcerer to make up for the removal of some dps, I wouldn't expect any. Even with this change, sorcerers are well above other dps classes. They may no-longer do 2-3x the dps of other classes, but they are in the top spot for the majority of encounters. As time goes on and we pull in more data from raids & group encounters, things may be adjusted again, but sorcerers are still a great class even with this adjustment.

Other encounters becoming all of a sudden too difficult due to this change is a non-issue. No encounters were only killable because of crazy sorcerer dps. No encounters have been killed with the comet that were not killed without comet. I'm sure some specific guilds have killed a few things with comet that they hadn't killed without it, but overall players have been able to kill everything without the spell, and will continue to do so. You just wont have to replace everyone else with a sorcerer anylonger to maximize your efficiency.

And the adjusting hate argument, well that seems more like a trick than anything lol. Unless the spell put you at the top of the hate list every time it wouldn't really matter with Forget III

Anyway, sorcerers have had plenty of nice new stuff recently like the adjustment of their amplifies to be able to stack, mimic working with comet, etc. And falling comet still is a powerful spell, it just won't replace an dps player on it's own anymore.

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