patch notes 8/12/09

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patch notes 8/12/09

Post by dosi » Wed Aug 12, 2009 10:55 am

Silius Developer

Sparkles the Lost

A poor lost turtle has appeared on the shores outside or Lord Tsang’s Tomb. Are there any travelers brave enough to help him with his dilemma?

Sparkles is a new overland raid encounter targeting 24 level 55 players.


Seradon’s Falling Comet can no longer be modified by refresh haste


Transcendence line of forms will now add the rune effect right away when you first enter the form. If you leave the form a 60 second countdown will start that indicates how long it will be before you can receive the run buff again. This timer counts down while in any form allowing you to continue the refresh while in a different form.


Fixed some issues with items in Vi’Rak


Double XP has been turned off.

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